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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Weight Watcher Color of the Week

 This week I lost 2 pounds. It doesn't seem like much until you put 8 sticks of butter on the counter..two pounds. I normally"rewarded" myself with a grande, non-fat caramel macchiato..yup I went non-fat...and 4 bazillion calories to boot! Now I am trying something different.  Since I gave up coffee, mainly because I love creamer more than coffee, and because rewarding myself with calories is a no-no, I am buying a fun shade of nail polish each week I lose..I should have a nice color assorment going..and since my nails are super short it takes no time at all to lay on a fresh color. So week one: 2 pounds, bought "on a trip" and it matches the lilacs and irisis about to bloom:)
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    1. thanks..puts a fun spin on it! And if i hate a color I will give it to Lizas daughter who loves nail polish like noones business!