Thursday, March 22, 2012


Once again i have turned to etsy for a blog post idea...Etsy is an amazing is not just a place to buy things and sell things. Some of my best ideas come from people I have met via there. Some of the people I email and FB with every day I will never meet face to face but are part of my daily doings, I met from etsy.
Recently, I joined a new group and we are visiting each others pinterest boards, fb pages and blogs. Having only started my blog in January I need a bit of direction. I could ramble all about my day to day world but does that really just become a big bore ...I mean I am not a world class traveler or author or skydiver...and while I love my life, is it enough to write about daily?
Looking over Samira's blog I found a blogging challenge on this blog a great 30 day challenge to help spark my creativity. I love looking at photographers photo a day posts so this is my own version. I think I will aim for April..which is my most insane mom month of the year..seriously my husband, my mother, my middle guys birthdays, a week off of school, school forms due, Easster. Typically it is nuts around here so if I could ever put myself to the test to sit down and become a disciplined blog writer..this is the month to do it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Catch up

What a blur the last few weeks have been. The auction was a huge success as was the giveaway. Congrats to my very oldest friend...Anne, seriously we went to kindergarten together! I enjoyed bringing her the basket of goodies to her brand new house and watching the big fat wet snowflakes cover the ground in 30 minutes.

After the auction was my meltdown over the grey,wet,crazy weather. Begged for a trip to Florida, and ended up with one to Houston instead! Yippee for family who loves me enough to plunk me on a plane and let me head out of here. Funny though...a day after that was solidified..sunny skies and beautiful weather which has lasted for 2 weeks..crazy still though since we are enjoying weather in the high seventies in March! so off I go on Sunday to Houston to visit my aunts and grandmother,to soak in the humid heat and to enjoy all the spicy tex mex I can! Pictures of the journey I promise!

In addition to that I have found a new author, Jim Butcher who I am so enjoying! A book to avoid at all costs, The Wolf Gift, Anne Roce, trust me you will thank me for stopping you that heartache.

Crochet wise I have started a theme for the months of Friday deals. This month there were household items. Next month the theme will be ocean . Who knows what May will I also have mastered broomstick lace and have made 2 one of a kind scarves each with cotton yarns and different fringe types. sales are steady and there is not much more I could ask for from that!

Big news for another Duncan. Randy opened his own etsy shop. which is fabulous for him..he has so much ready to ship items we are running out of space!!! So yea for him in this endeavor.

So I will post Houston wonders after I return!