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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Once again i have turned to etsy for a blog post idea...Etsy is an amazing is not just a place to buy things and sell things. Some of my best ideas come from people I have met via there. Some of the people I email and FB with every day I will never meet face to face but are part of my daily doings, I met from etsy.
Recently, I joined a new group and we are visiting each others pinterest boards, fb pages and blogs. Having only started my blog in January I need a bit of direction. I could ramble all about my day to day world but does that really just become a big bore ...I mean I am not a world class traveler or author or skydiver...and while I love my life, is it enough to write about daily?
Looking over Samira's blog I found a blogging challenge on this blog a great 30 day challenge to help spark my creativity. I love looking at photographers photo a day posts so this is my own version. I think I will aim for April..which is my most insane mom month of the year..seriously my husband, my mother, my middle guys birthdays, a week off of school, school forms due, Easster. Typically it is nuts around here so if I could ever put myself to the test to sit down and become a disciplined blog writer..this is the month to do it.

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