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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 11: What is In My Cosmetic Case

This one makes me laugh..probably a 10 year old mascara, a busted up lipstick the kids used for Halloween and some Q-Tips.  I don't wear makeup. I am not even sure how to truly apply eyeliner.  My big dressing up consists of maybe a swipe of mascara and some chap stick.  In fact when Nancy and I were on our last wine tour trip..I leaned in slightly tipsy , admired her eye make up and proudly declared that I had a little concealer on.  I have never been in the makeup stage..other than a few attempts in jr high with the dreaded blue eyeshadow.  I went through a punk stage..and tried the whole eyeliner an inch below my lid..and really the best it looked was the next morning when I forgot to take it off and it finally got that smudged look.  I do LOVE nail polish though..on my bitten down fingernails and I ALWAYS have toe polish on..

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