Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 6: A dream Pet

I am not the best at taking care of pets...just ask my husband.  All animal reponsibilites fall to him and the kids.  I figure I am taking care of the humans, he gets the creatures. 
If I DID have to pick a pet I have 2 ..one practical...and one not so much:
An Alpaca...think of the yarn I would have, think of the extra skills I could pick up by learning how to shear an alpaca and spin its wool! I am sure this would only cost a bazillion dollars...and impractical since I would never take care of it....
and REALLY impractical...a sting ray.  I think I would be a much calmer person watching these sting rays glide around the house all day...becuase you know I would want a tricked out tank so it had room to glide and swim in various rooms in the house! However..I bet after intial set up, they wouldn't be that hard to take care of.
This is a picture from Turks/Caicos where we swam with the sting rays and TOUCHED THEM and FED THEM in 2010. super cool memory:)

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