Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blog A day...Day1

OK this is it, new PC , new weight loss and exercise goal, it is time to get my BLOG ON! I am using one of those cliche blog a day to get myself going!! And I had planned on doing it yesterday as my start...but things got a little so here we go!

Day 1: A Picture of What I did today (yesterday):

I went to my VERY first Weight Watcher meeting.  I am not a group person, unless I pick the group. I want to know exactly who I am talking to and that there is a common ground. Well there was a common ground, in a room full of unknown. I got out of my comfort zone, sucked it up, stood on a scale in front of strangers and listened with an open mind. (PS it was  still a little culty but I am working on that:)

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