Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 4: A Photo of my Best Friend

Friends, so very very important. In grammer school they were who I turned to share Barbies and accessories with and to giggle over the boys we liked. The Jennifers and Anne kept me in check when I would go off into an absurdly goofy tanget and would end up giggling right aong.

In High School my friends were my WORLD. Loyalties to best friends topped everything. I have tins and tins of notes passed in highschool, a million journal entries written about Heather and Sara and Yvonne. The heartbreak of lost friends in high school have long lasting scars which I am still working out. Having just celebrated my 20th reuinion I was able to heal some of those scars, and reconnected with people who hve known me longer than my husband has.

College friendships evolve, less having to do with the same musical tastes, the same causes to herald, they become more about conversations, shared backgrounds, or course work.  The casual friend comes into play.  My roomate from College, Sue and I are still friends, going through the mommy path together along with our friend Maria. We try to see each other once a month or so for drinks and chatting. Other friends from College days are more of the passing Facebook comments, not that we couldn't have a fabuous time if we planned something, but our lives have spread us all over the world.

So that brings us to Liza.  Liza is my rock and BEST friend.  She may not know every sad story that Heather knows, or has seen me in my most wasted and drunken state, as Sue or have family ties into my world like Anne but she is there , present in my everyday. She pushes me to work out, or not. She listens to me babble about a crochet project for hours or a book I am reading, even if she never plans to read it.  I can call Liza and worry about money/husband/kids/parents/sister knowing our conversation will go no farther.  She is there and strong and stable.  I can call for a 5 sec request for a borrowed pair of shoes and 45 minutes later I know have had a conversation that I laughed during,  but perhps had no long term deepness.  And I am a better person for it.  The is no drama with Liza....which is a good thing for me.  I can dive into friendships, let them consume me, get upset and not ever be able to forgive..and at 38 I need no more of those friendships.  The first person at the top of my invite list is Liza.  I would do anything for any of her 5 kids and I love watching them grow into their persons as much as I love watching my kids. On top this Liza is one of the most fun people I know.  She looks at a bad situation a DOWNPOUR  during our garage sale and she is running in the rain barefoot, 8 months pregnant with Ary, dancing/carrying things/laughing like a fool.  She brings all those 5 kids all over racees the youngest up and down slides in 95 degree weather and smiles through it.  She enjoys her day and all that comes with it and teaches me to as well. 

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