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Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 9: The last Thing I Purchased

I have given up coffee...and it is a hard thing to do.  I did sneak in a home cup on Monday when it was cold and there was SNOW outside.  I didn't like it though..I measured out my creamer to fit in my daily points...and took a sip..and BLECH it tasted like coffee. My mom told m e that I can drink tea straight because I actually like tea and that I need 1/2 c of creamer because I really like creamer and not coffee.  She may have been on to something.  I have never put sugar in tea, hot or iced (well when I was little I probably did).  I am just starting to like the green teas.  It is a little different flavor but MAN the choices are fantastic.  Such exotic blends. 
This morning I have a little cold/allergy issue happening so I made a cup of the orange, passionfriut and jasmine..It is steaming next to me.  Haven't sipped yet but from what I can smell it is delicious.  I use the White Mangosteen and Peach in my iced tea blended with Stash Black Tea Peach flavored. THE Passionfruit and coconut sounds like dessert to me. 

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