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Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 30: The End!

This is it! 30 day Blog challenge finished! The assignment, a picture of me today and the 3 things I took away from this month:)
1.  I CAN stick to a schedule(for 30 days at least). I did not skip any of the assignments, and did not miss a day.
2.  I am setting goals..and keeping them, blog a day, routine exercise, weight watchers.
3.  Family and Friends are what keep me moving and motivated.  I want to be a happier me for the kids and my husband, and a better friend to those I am lucky to call mine, by remembering the shared past, the silly tomorrows.
 and finally a picture of me...this is my new hibiscus plant for the yard (and for inside during winter months I hope!)

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