Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 29: Something I will never get sick of

READING!!!! How could someone ever tire of that??? I mean I fall asleep reading all the time but I KNOW that a day has not gone by in my life without reading.  My parents were super patient, reading book after book when I was little.  So much so that I read before Kindergarten.  In 1st grade, Anne McNelis and I had read all the Little House on The Prairie books and I had discovered the joys of Ramona.  I read every fiction book in the Maplewood Library bu the time I was 11 (at least the interesting ones..) and the Librarian Mrs. Whaley, had the new books set aside for me so I could see them first.  I had hefty fines at times for losing books in my room..and for the fact that I never took out less than 12 books.  Our summer rule was outside playing or inside reading..I did outside reading, in the pool, on the swing set, in the lounge chairs, on the porch. My mother used to joke that we spent more money on books to get me ready for vacation than on the vacation itself..and it was one of the only times I ever got to go buy books..because if I did our house would have been overflowing..but library books do not go on vacation.  My degree is in English Literature, not for any grand idea, I mean I have worked for the Y since high school, but because I knew that anything else wouldn't have captured my imagination like studying books at all times! I read every night, at least 1 hr.  I used to plow through every book I chose, making sure I caught every word and phrase.  Now I read what I want, give a book 100 pages or sometimes 12 , either way I know there will be stacks and stacks left to get through.  my kindle is chock full of books I have not read, I have have audio books on there piling up..but I still go to the library 1 or 2 times a week to ensure I have a stack of books at my disposal.

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