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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 24:What is in My Purse

Well what's in my purse...wallet, keys(hopefully), 7 chapsticks, lotion,fissures, a bazillion crumpled pieces of paper, my wine tasting notebook, 2 pair of earrings, my headphones, iPod arm band, mints, pill container from my Great Great Aunt Blanche with naproxen, Bendeyl and Xanax, business card wallet, an I hook, a notebook. Sounds like it is time to clean it out!


  1. 7 chapsticks? LOL The pill box contents are great! Not many mom things in there though. No bandaids, 1st aid kit, tissues, wipes, etc. U must carry a smaller purse than I do.

  2. I am a Chapstick whore...crazy obsessed!!! And nope the days of a diaper bag are long gone!! No snacks, toys or bandiads(they are I the car) tissues...yup need those in there. Especially during allergy season!