Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 25: something I miss

I miss college. Not the actual staying up late, partying bit(although that was fun) I miss the chance to learn something new everyday. Education truly is wasted on the young. I would love to take 2 hours each day and be told new facts, learn about other cultures, other places. Read something that might be too challenging on my own, have people to discuss it with. I am not missing the grades, exams, papers, hours of studying. Just the sense of listening to a,professor tell me what they know, and adding to that discussion. 15 years ago today I graduated from Nazareth College. Mothers day in a huge white tent..and it snowed. My relatives from Texas and Georgia were Freezing. I was huddled next to two people I did not know hoping to stay warm! I remember listening to the dean and hearing this is in my head, I am now an adult. I have a piece of paper that says I am done with school. Set me free. now I just want to go back..savor those moments where my only job was to,listen, absorb and do well.

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