Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 26: Me 5 Years ago

  Brady would have been8 months old 5 years ago.  Old enough to sleep, young enough to be held and talking naps and snuggling and all those bottles and diapers! Randy and I knew were were finished with babies after Brady was born so I decided it was time to get my body back into shape...sound familiar??  Here I am doing it again.  I started taking Christine's yoga class and Sue's Zumba classes at the Y..guess what was on the schedule today?  Yoga and perhaps Zumba (until Ryan got sick and now it is possible zumba and treadmill finished).  I had left the Monroe YMCA officially and started working at Maplewood a bit.  I would take Brady up to Grandma Cathy's room for an hour or two with another adult and work out, take a shower in peace and have a small sanity break. Mitchell would have been in 3rd grade, Ryan in 1st grade with Mrs Holleran. This was also the year I met and became friends with Liza!!! And you know I would have been lost without her.  Randy was just about to leave the Y and start at Micahels (would have been July ) and my sister moved away from Rochester to Houston about 8 months before..which was a big huge difference for me. Other than that we lived in the same house, the Y was part of my everyday.  I didn't have etsy in my world yet so I was a stay at home mommy trying to make the best of my world!

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