Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 22: Bullet of my day

- 5:00 am woke to the frantic complaints of Brady in his bed. he fell asleep with my robe on, ended up so tangled he couldn't move his arms...needless to say this was out wake up call

-6:30 left to take Mitchell to his school for his 8th Grade trip to tears

-7:15 entered the massive Pittsford Wegmans..for 12 things...left 1 hr later.  Saw truffles that sell for $999.00 a POUND..amazing.there was a cheese that cost more than my $60 bill.
just the front part

-8:15 left the crazy and stopped being distracted by all the shiny things

-8:30 unloaded bags, changed into run gear

-9:30 -10:30 went to henpeck park for my FIRST outdoor run along the canal
10:30 finished run..super happy..but I was the color of my jacket....and soaking wet:

10:30-12:00 Michaels for scrap booking stickers for Moms card and a Hi to Randy, Target for cleaning items, dinner (hamburgers..93%)

12:00 Lunch...2 spicy shrimp summer rolls, and 1 piece of marathon bread(10 points)

12-1 computer time/card for mom (signed her and Mitchell and Ryan up for Family Adventure day at Camp Stella Maris)

1:00 shower

1:30-2:30 Nurse Jackie/The Big C catch up while working on an art scarf for Shirley

2:55 bus here

3-4:30talked to kids about day/snack/homework

4:30-5 listed new items on etsy

5:00 Blog time/dinner prep

5:45 Randy home

6:15 dinner (hamburgers, homemade baked fries)

7:00-8:00 yoga...perhaps...feeling a little sore from run..will it help or will it hurt? OR bath bed for Brady

8:30 Convince Ry to go to bed

8:30 Climb into bed myself to read Labor Day, Joyce Maynard

10:00 ASLEEP!

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  1. No yoga, randy home late, long soak in the tub, finished book..amazing!