Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 21: Something That Makes Me Happy

Today was Muffins With Mom at Brady's Kindergarten. We had muffins served to us by our little kiddos and juice as well.  Brady was so excited when I walked in.  His entire face lit up in the way only a 5 year olds can.  We sat and talked about how they had gotten everything set up.  Brady's friend Rahmel 's mom had to work so Brady old him he would share me.  My heart was a mushy mess after this.  When the kids went up to get the juice and the muffins, Brady allowed his friend to get my juice and he brought me a blueberry muffin"because he knew I hated bananas"Big hugs from the kids followed up with this Mothers Day Craft.  I am not sure ANYTHING could make me happier.

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