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Tuesday, January 31, 2012 a review...

983 etsy sales...So close to that 1000. In 2008 I started on etsy with my beaded jewelry along with the other 700000000 jewelry artists. In the first year I didn't break 100 sales. At the time I was working and taking care of 3 kids..not much time to invest in my craft. The next year I started more crochet projects..specifically play food. Big doings in 2009 for play food. Pricing was low, work was intense and still I was working at the YMCA as well as staying with Brady at home til the other kids got out of school.

2010 started making more items that spoke to a wider population and began phasing out jewelry. In April of 2010 my job ended at the Y for a 9 month stint while renovations were happening. I decided to give my little business a serious chance to take off. I did more shows, joined Facebook, promoted my work like never before. In September 2010 I bought the owl hat pattern from crazysockscrochet. That was the beginning of a whole new dimension. I was now a hat maker mainly. Repeat customers well as a huge online support from other shops like whimsical willows coture.In Dec 2010 I had my 500th sale on etsy( my mom was the lucky buyer). I began designing my own hats...with a few gentle nudges from customers suggesting I could do it. Themainegirl on etsy gave me lots of inspiration to grow and create the ideas from her head..turkey hat, reindeer, bender, elf,..all credited to her vision, my panic and finally learning to think out of the box.

Which brings us to the insane and fast year of 2011... I made a gazillion hats it seems like...I made a lot of new and fabulous friends via etsy teams, facebook and getting my name out in the Rochester art community. I did 2 shows this season rather than carting my wares to 12 shows. I made the BIG mistake of participating in heartsy. I had my first negative review, I sometimes wanted to put my yarn away and have a week where I slacked. I made a studio designed for just my yarn.which was taking over our house. I made my business happen and it was hard but rewarding. It was now a J-O-B.

So back to that 983. I would love to have 1000 by March 1, will I sweat it if it doesn't happen....nah it's just a number. What I am excited for is the future of my business. March 1 st will be my biggest celebration yet. My day was spent contacting the best artists with like minds and superior wares to do an online auction. lots more to come on that. Remember the play food? Since I am done making it, I am going to publish my patterns on etsy and ravelry. After that, it is time to bring DuncanCreative to the gazillions of gift shops in the wine country. So 1000 or not, this woman has big plans for her hooks.


  1. LOVE it & you!!! I believe we were destined to meet, between originally being from the same neighborhood & finally meeting many years after! I'm a huge fan of you & your work - hook on!!!

    1. Right back ya mrs Sam:) kindred souls. And of course we gotta figure out how we are getting you into this celebration!!!! Need you there...didn't contact ya cuz I am MAKING you do it!!!

    2. Whatever you want & I'll do it ;)

    3. You may want to rethink that! :) thanks for pushing me to 985!

  2. You have vision....1000 will come and go before you know it!!