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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Finding Balance

My biggest challenge is finding balance. How does a work at home mom of 3 kids find this? Having just come off a very strenuous 10 hr a day Christmas order crunch I am realizing how miserable we became on days. I sat in my studio barking at the kids and husband about how important it was that I got everything done. I chose to keep taking orders, and to keep working well into the night. No more I say. So how do I go about making time for everything..and a reasonable amount of time? all while continuing to build my thriving business ?

I have decided to work a 5 day work week. Leaving weekend time for kids. My husband works every Sunday so that day NEEDs to be about the kids and myself. I am also dedicating Wed days to marriage days. My husband is often the last in a long line of "to do'". Not the greatest plan. With the 3 kids in school the Weekday date is now in effect.

So where does the ME time come in? Working 6 hrs a day and 5 days a week, date day on wed and Sunday kid time...I need to find that balance. I hope to grab an hour to just be at least 3 times aweek. I have quite a lot of wii exercise videos taunting me, a gazillion yoga DVD.s needing to be dusted off. So making time for that should be a goal as well. So let's say 1/2 hr each day. Will that balance come in?

Daily schedule :
Kids out by 7:30
Work 8-2
Exercise 2-2:30
Kids home 2:45
Homework and dinner prep3-5
Dinner 6
Evening routine til 8 pm
Time for hubs and a small project 8-10
Looks doable in a perfect world.......

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