Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Patience and All That

Today I need to find that small pocket of patience which I know MUST be there somewhere.  I feel as if each turn today leads down a frustrating path. 
1. It is blech outside..seriously sloppy weather
2.Slept in..which should be a good thing...but not as late as I did, the whole morning is off
3. Had to go to the ACTUAL post office which required me getting dressed and actually out in the world as a pkg had to go to Canada.
4. Bag ready , all set, out the door..to the PO and I realize I had 10 minutes before they closed for 2 hrs (which is enough to irritate me on its own) and realize NO BANK CARD IN MY WALLET
5. Back home to do Paypal shipping on the 3 domestic orders..only just 2 will take and I spend 15 minutes trying to figure out WHY Paypal hated the correct and verified address I had..only to still have to take it to the PO tomorrow
6. Go to put the 2 packages in the mail only to discover the mailman (and he is a man) has already come.

Needless to say I looking for the easy road for the rest of the day..chicken patties for dinner+'s happy kids, and no work for mom.

Since this is  a blog about crafting, cooking and general observations of my whacko world and not just a place to vent I will leave you with a book suggestion:
I'm going to Move to Australia

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