Friday, January 13, 2012

Joy in the Small Things

Snow is coming down fast out there today.  I am not a fan of snow.  Yes, I realize I live in Rochester NY where most winters see at least 3 ft of snow on one given weekend.  I am JOYFUL that this is only our 3rd snowfall this season.  I love those sunny 40 degree days and am filled with gratitude every time it happens.  However I am trying to find the small joy in this morning. 

Randy walks Mitchell to his bus stop every morning at 6:50 and then waits again with Ryan and Mitchell at 7:20 for their bus.  Where am I usually?  In my bed sleeping under warm flannel sheets.  Do I feel guilty about this..NOPE.  I battle the homework, meltdowns and dinner every night and do the bed time routines..all is fair. This morning however Randy had to be at work at 5:45 and as I mentioned before it is snowing!

I could grouch about getting out of my warm cocoon...but I looked at it this morning as a simple pleasure.  Walked and talked to Mitchell about his day.  Bundled the other kiddos up and also got spend a few calm moments with them. 

The house is quiet.  I put coffee on and made a quick cinnamon bread which is making the whole house smell warm.  I am still in my jammies and I have on my favorite cardigan sweater. I have nothing ahead of me other than a warm breakfast, a lap full of yarn and the rest of The Vampire Diaries.  Guilty pleasures indeed.

Sending you WARM sunny thoughts


  1. I too have been trying to savor the small gifts everyday, thinking that "I get" to do things rather than "have to", gives such a positive perspective on the not so pleasant aspects of my day!

  2. I could probably still say I Get to in a sarcastic way but I hear ya! It will take practice to turn this somewhat cynical gal around:) Blogging actually helps that..because who wants to read a bunch of negativity!

  3. LOVE it <3 and can I add - holy snow batman!!!