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Saturday, January 7, 2012

OJ Madness

The other day at the market I heard the veggie vendor shout "Oranges, 3 bags $2)..thought hey even if they are smooshy oranges they will make great juice.  Unfortunately I did not remember the MESS the juicer makes when operated by 3 boys. 

 Randy and I found a juicer in the box at a local thrift shop.  I am not a juice fan..unless it used in a cocktail.  We have children who consume a bag of apples a day in the winter and in the summer when fresh fruit is rampant often they will make their ways through 2 quarts of strawberries, a bunch of peaches and a full watermelon in a day. As a Mom I think..hey fruit,,good for ya go ahead..until there is none left, 7 hrs after I went to the market. 

So back to the anyone who has ever paid $5 for fresh squeezed juice will understand,...there is a LOT of fruit used to make a glass of juice.  The kids sat down to peel their oranges and did a great job..
This is the only picture of the juice progress I snapped before there was juice and pulp spitting its way across the room at me as those boys forgot to lock the top before hitting the fastest speed. 12 oranges, 2 cups of juice and 1 hr of cleanup leads me to believe those $2 oranges may not have been the deal I was looking for.

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