Saturday, February 4, 2012

Duncan Dinner Time Feb

Well it is that time in the house is down to those choices no one really wants..or left over from the last big shopping trip. Amazing the amount that was left..boxes of rice, a whole chicken, a bunch of bread mixes, cans galore. Went about this month with a better idea of what he still had left over and decided I wasn't as good at sticking to my plan last month...I had 5 dinners that were not even made so I am chalking those up to takeout, cereal, or fend for yourself.

Feb dinners:
1. Ham steaks with mashed cauliflower and broccoli spears
2. Supper nachos
3. Red lentil soup
4. Pulled pork (crockpot) and cornbread
5. Mr bowjangles(chicken Bow tie and broccoli with sweet sauce)
6. Mostly green chicken curry over rice (Rachel ray)
7. Roasted 40 clove chicken and roasted root veg
8. Dinosaur BBQ Mac and cheese shpeards pie
9. Tuscan style white bean soup(crockpot..left over from last month menu)
10. Mke your own heart pizza
11. Sloppy Joes and Tater Tots (valentines day dinner for randy...blech)
12. Tacos
13. Yellow bow ties of texas( bow tie pasta, ground turkey black beans..spicy)
14 picadillo( left over from the month before)
15. Data fajita salad
16. Egg noodles , spicy sausage, broccoli..ry's fav dinner
17. The big chili
18. Wowi Maui chicken
19 shrimp pasta and pesto over angel hair
20. Rope Beja and Mexican rice
21. Chicken parm and salad and garlic bread
22. Kielbasa and egg noodles and salad
23. Notsagna ( Mitchell's fav)
24. Chicken cous cous and baked zucchini
25 beef stew

I pulled out one of my favorite low fat cookbooks "crazy plates" and I will post those recipes thought the month.


  1. Yellow bow ties of Texas sounds like it would be a hit over here :) & would Love the recipe also to #8!!! Ok & what are in your super nachos?

  2. I will make sure to post those when I make them:) supper nachos are these crazy things my mom read off the back of a retried bean can when we were kids...I have made mine a little more veg friendly but basically, can of retried beans, 1 pd ground beef cooked, cheddar and salsa..layered and baked for 30 min on 350. I add onions and top,with tomatoes and on the side lettuce and olives and jalapeƱos...when I Mae it I have to keep a strip done the pan without beans...Mitchell hates them! But then we just have nacho chips to scoop it up,with. So not so good for you but all the kids eat it.