Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Hearts Day

Today was filled with love...and so was yesterday and tomorrow. valentines Day has changed around here. No longer is it a quest to say what my husband and I did...dinner, flowers, candy..actually I am not 100% we ever did all the traditional things in one go ever. This year was about watching Brady fill out all 17 cards, and the joy of showing all of the ones he received. It was watching Ryan toy with being cool...and his love of candy warring. (he brought them to school...but didn't write any names). Mitchell is learning via friends the balance of liking a girl and how to appropriately show this. Each child looks at girls and love in a different way. Some of Mitchell's friends are dating, Ryan admitted to his first crush on a long time friend, and Brady wrote adorable love letters to his friend Sofia...and forgot to give them to her in the chaos of Valentines Day.

Tonight Randy is working. Last night he walked in with my favorite iced coffee and a bottle of wine. Tomorrow I will make his favorite dinner of sloppy joes and tater tots. The small things add up all year,which makes feb 14 th just a day on the calendar.
But since it is Valentines Day the bast gift..pizza and wing delivery from my parents. No cooking, or dishes..happy kids, happy mom.

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