Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Hearts Day and Weekly Roundup

OH boy I didn't link up last week!
SO here we go
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Makin Bacon Pancakes...was all Brady could say for about 15-20 minutes once I told him we were having this for dinner...The reason was that I bought TURKEY bacon instead of regular..which needed to be hidden PRONTO , if anyone was going to eat it!
This was a great idea..no recipe..I just made the batter and cooked the Bacon, then poured over the bacon once it was about 1/2 done..the kids ended up peeling the bacon off anyways since it was harder to cut..but they all gave it a thumbs up!

Next up 2 fails...YUP 2 ..so disappointing..the cotton candy in the bubbly water..what a lie...tried this for the kids and those pretty bubbles did not show up..just ended up making a very sweet drink.  And the breakfast casserole..kids HATED it! I mean would not eat it...was a thousand pound brick of breakfast food smashed together,,,big pass!


Finally I made this this headband..and I LOVE it..I made one for me and one for a giveaway on my www.facebook.com/DuncanCreative page
And for books: I abandoned two books The Secret Keeper and When She was Bad , both not even worth talking about. I also Read the last installment in Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series, Ever After, not great, not terrible. The best book I read was The Tenth Gift, 4 out of 5 stars on this one. 



  1. Cute headband, I hate giving up on books, and I don't care if turkey bacon is better for you or not.....YUK!

  2. yea..yuck for sure:) and i figure there are so many millions of books..after 100 pages if i am not into it, i dont have to finish :)