Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pink Cupcake Pity Party

I am about to whine...a lot. My 3 boys have been sick this week..each of them, each with something different. My boys never seem so "boy" until they are covered in snot, puke and well, crap. The want hugs, they leave tissues around, they stay home. Nothing is the right thing to eat, they get smelly, they use up all the towels. I love them even when they are sick. Even when my plans get ROYALLY changed. I was having a friend from Germany stay here Thursday- Saturday. I was extremely excited about this....yea who wants to stay in a house that has had the plague run through it and then take a transatlantic flight home? I wouldn't. So instead of drinking wine, eating out, staying up late with friends..I am home, car-less, with the kids.  Two made it to school today, which is fabulous...until they get off the bus, are exaughsted, need homework help and reminders to stay on task with their makeup work.  So, yes, I am feeling less like person, a female person at that, this week. I decided to make PINK unheard of event in our house...because pink cupcakes sometimes just make it all a little better. I also stopped reading my gory, war laden book, A Dance with Dragons, in place of a romantic teen novel..and I will probably paint my toenails later.

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