Saturday, February 9, 2013

Winter Wonderland and a Fantastic Book

I am not a fan of winter or snow or clumpy boots..I do have an affection for hats though, could be the fact that I make my living off of them. However, even I can admit that the snow in Rochester is AMAZING right now.  It is beautiful and heavy and wonderland-esque. I have had many picture moments outside or from the safety of my window .
Last night my best friend and her family of 6 came over for the evening and it was fantastic to just sit and talk, and drink wine of course, and hear the kids play.  Today I had planned haircuts and valentines day supplies and general running around..but I MIGHT actually get my snow gear on and play in this crazy stuff for a bit.

The weekly roundup of pins did not amount to anything this week..we went on our natural kick,  and i have been filling orders and working on my new Downton Abbey line of hats. 

I did read an amazing book though :
I LOVED LOVED LOVED this and here is my goodreads review:

I LOVED this book..I can see where it is not for everyone though. I am a book nerd..big time. Love the smell (yes it is brought up) I love the weight, the secrets, the bookstore itself. I also love my kindle, the internet and can sort of relate to the excitement the googler-s have when approaching a project. I read fantasy novels my whole life, and I understand the way the characters came together as wizard, apprentice,solider. I also just started with audio books in the last year (the warm knit hat effect) and I could so love a mystical society all around books (but I would be terrible at keeping the secret!) I sat and read this in 3.5 hrs when I should have been sleeping. BOOK NERD..and a little love with fonts and typeface. If you can not resolve an entire book having to do with these kinds of things... then obviously this is not the book for you..but thankfully I can think of so many people to suggest this too!!!


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