Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekly Round up Pinterest, Goodreads and Ravelry

My successes and failures from the pinterest boards, a weekly look at all things pinny.
Food Board:
1.Crockpot oatmeal..this should have been was GROSS! Gluey in texture, blah in taste..gagged down  1/2 cup and then through out the other 6 cups! How wasteful!

2.Salt and Vinegar Potatoes
This was one of the BEST pins ever found. My kids ate these up as if I were handing them candy and coke! None left over, asked if I could make more!!! I used regular old russet potatoes and cooked about 40 min use that as a guide. I did use the rice vinegar as suggested but since I was feeding the kids just left it at salt and vinegar...the rosemary and thyme would have made them skeptical.

3.White Bean Chowder:
In the past this has been a favorite for the kids so I revisited it. My husband did grocery shopping when we had the big snowstorm so when I wrote white beans on the  list I should have said cannelloni beans and all would have been smooth sailing. He brought home Great Northern Beans, perfectly acceptable as a white bean, but lacking of the creamy consistency needed for the soup.  so a normal win was a bit of a let down.

Books I have read this week:
Started Unbroken, Lauren Hildenbrand for my book club but I am in some sappy crying way of the world (could be because I am sick and finally going to the drs) and I had to put it down..yes I know he survives, but I cant get myself ready for the torture that is to come.

Finished , Never Let Me Go what a weird book..had no idea it was a movie until I started describing it to my husband and he said that is a movie...I am so out of it. Very Margaret Atwood in plot..not her writing style though.  Of course, Atwood is a favorite so I could be biased. 4 out 5 stars

Reading Birthmarked...wild book so far which feeds my dystopian YA need :)

Ravelry... BUSY BUSY week for me..but most are gifts and at the end of the month I will share favorite non gift is this pattern though:
and I adapted it from cat to fox in this etsy listing:)

that's my week, Karen

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