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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cumulative exercise

I have been sick, dog sick for the last week..which has messed up my fitness goals somewhat. I couldn't lean over in fear that my head would explode from the shear pressure in my sinus cavity, and since moving from standing to sitting made me have a coughing fit like an 80 year old smoker, both yoga and cardio were out of the question. The amount of forceful blowing my nose and complaining loudly for all to hear, may have burned off a few calories..but not enough to matter.

So I have done a lot of iPad surfing while under my snugly covers, slathered in chest rub, and piling tissues by my side. I also spent a lot of time reading Facebook status's and came across my friend Tina's  new exercise goal..1 sit up each day for 50 days, cumulatively by day 50 you will have done 50 sit-ups. After years of Y exercise classes, video programs, self training I thought, that might be too easy for me..I have the motivation, and the ability to do more than that amount of sit-ups..but what I need is a regimen .so the 50 days part is attractive to my way of thinking...I am using this plan though to add routine and to target more than just my stomach(although that IS the part I need the most work on)
Here is the pin I am using.
But I am breaking it down as follows
1 jumping jack
1 push up
1 high knee
1 burpee
1 crunch
1 squat

So by day 50 I will have 50 of each of those..and we shall see how it goes,..please check in to see if I am accomplishing these goals!!!

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