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Friday, January 4, 2013

Pinterest Round Up

Ok working on those goals..and one both my personal and business list i had "Use Pinterest more actively" in other mindless searching for hours whenever a lull int he day appears...oh wait I can STILL do that!

Here they are my USED pins this week:
Dinner Repeats Board
Made Taco Pasta on Tuesday would think the fact that all the things in there are foods my children like would mean this was a winner..NOPE Fail. I think the idea of tacos and pasta together in a harmonious dish was the fail part..Brady ate the meat, Mitchell had the pasta and Ryan acted as if I were poisoning him...which then left a lot of leftovers and the my husbands portion control went out the window...

The Next night was Wednesday, Randy's day off from work, and we normally have tacos or nachos or fajitas on that night as it is his favorite food.  I made this Baked Chicken Fajitas with a side of refried beans and a bunch of fresh chopped veggies..SCORE for the WIN! They knew what they were talking about here...and there was a few leftovers so that meant lunch for Randy as well!

Crochet Board:
Made lovey babies following a link found on sweet!
here is the link to teh pinterest page

pin away....

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