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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 is HERE

Here I am, back at the blog. Yes, I slacked since June, no I don't really have a good excuse other than slipped my mind for so long I forgot to get back to it! I also slacked in other ways...weight loss, exercise, but hey maybe new years should have 6 month reviews or something! I have many shop goals for myself, listed on my page but my personal goals have seen them before..but here goes

1.  Lose the last 15 pounds..I lost 17, gained back 7, been OK about portion control (other than the dreaded coffee creamer) so in reality I need to lose 25..but 15 is a great goal for now (6 month review remember?) so back to tracking what  I eat, using weight watchers and exercising...without the Y! I have down loaded some apps, have the fitness channel on the t and if all else fails a bunch of wii fitness games..get moving Karen!

2,  Grow out my hair. My friend and hair stylist is pregnant..I have a goal of making it through through the pregnancy and maternity leave until September..I might need a trim or two , mainly so I can peek in on her and here the pregnancy stories but I want hair like this:

3.  Utilize Pinterest..and keep track of it! Hey I have a BLOG, what a great place to round up all those tips, patterns and recipes..than here??

4. Make sure that each door in my house has a door knob on it..seriously I have pulled out the entire door knob on no less than 3 doors in the last more..and hey it is good to have 1 attainable goal immediately.

Happy New Year!


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  2. Didn't want to use my Mrowy account! ;)

    Your first two goals are on par with my own goals for this year. I WILL lose weight and I will. not. cut. my. hair. I will not!

    I love that you're going to share your pinterest adventures here, maybe it'll save me from trying out a few disastrous recipes and give me some tips on some that actually work.

    Good luck with your goals!