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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Smoothie-r Side of Life

I hate fruit..I know WEIRD right..put a banana near me and I will flip out, plums..yuck, apricots, deceiving in their sweet little packaging..peaches..too messy, nectarines, too weird..OK I will eat green grapes occasionally, watermelon faithfully and if a Granny Smith apple happens to be cut up for me I will eat it. Otherwise,, fruit is just not a natural go to source for me.  If you are trying to watch weight then fruit should be an easy peasy go to snack. For me I have to FORCE myself to think about fruit for HOURS before I will eat it. 

Ask me how much money gets spent on fruit for my kiddos though..about $35 a week. They are fruit the summer the market is a 2 time a week happening..because those plums, nectarines, peaches and apricots that I hate..are their favorites and they will eat 3 a piece a day until I put the brakes on them..YEA for this mom instilling the OK to eat fruit when I shudder thinking about it.

Where am I going with this? The idea of smoothies has always made me a little grossed out..thick beverages in general are an ick factor.  I make them for the kids and at parties for my non alcoholic friends, but I tend to stick to water, wine and coffee...that's it no milk (another dietary need I guess), no juice, no powdery beverages.

So now I am trying to watch my weight..remember those goals? Weight Watchers has a free point on all fruit..not juices but fruit. I am also supposed to get in 3 dairy servings..and let me tell ya I had to ban myself from cheese cuz I have no self control there, and I am in trouble at the end of my day when my fruits are not eaten and my dairy is not checked off (creamer in coffee shouldn't count right?). I did a little research and of course the top bazillion sites say SMOOTHIES..gag...

I went to the frozen section at Wegmans and there were the jamba juice packets..whipped out my points calculator..2 points for 8 oz and it covers a full dairy and full fruit serving..double this and I am good to go. I know I have a million supplies ready for me to make these all naturally and healthy like ( and I do have a recipe for carrot, grapefruit ginger juice that I may still try) but I gotta say the Orange Dream Smoothie is all you who knew this from the start, good deal! Probably will not ever go near those ones full of berries or step at a time.


  1. We are lovers of the homemade ones...strawberry banana to be exact. 1c frozen strawberries, halved; 1crushed ice; 6oz water; a scoop of vanilla whey powder; and part of a single serve strawberry crystal light packet (for a water bottle). Pulse until your desired consistency.Add the banana at the end of your pulsing!

  2. That sounds awesome! We may have to try the jamba here!