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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 2: write whatever comes not your head(5 minutes worth)

Ohhhhh ummmmm tired, still need to put away the dinner stuff, birds still are making thier racket, want a cookie, or is it cookies, and a glass of wine. Brady needs to zonk out before me so I can muster enough momentum to go back downstairs to watch the killing finale and then cuddle up and watch true blood. Will I really be able to not work this week like I promised myself? Brownies made for cup school, check, Brady teaxhers gifts, check, ry wanted to take the bus to school rather than having a ride in ..that's weird to me. Thank god I hear randy taking out the garbage cans to the curb becuase they are horrid. Which was also the state of the veg Bin the fridge I cleaned writing all the random junk that pops into my head is not very exciting..probably because I am wittier with wine andi really want a glass...and Brady is tricking me with his silence but when I stir to look in he is chatting with his stuffed animals..the pool has its cover on it right? Why are there still little kids outside at 8 on a school night...and I need to throw in a load of laundry...and I need to remember to bring my book in from the porch. Ok I am NEVER writing my random mess ofthoughtsmout,..spastic crazy momma is probably supposed to be locked in my mind only:)

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